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Emergency Commissions - Need $75 ASAP -- obliviousally's Journal -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

Soooo, I’ve got to pay my water bill, or it’ll be cut off tomorrow morning (blah blah insert both low work hours and me prioritizing other things - rent - over other bills). I was hoping to get an extension, since I get a paycheck on Friday, but as I was unable to go to the utility office Monday (Memorial Day, federal holiday) or over the weekend (they’re closed), they’d already processed my shut off notice to be done on Wednesday. If I can get the money tonight, I can grab a money order and drop it in the night drop (the office is literally a block away from me) buuuuut…I don’t get paid until Friday and am legit, full-fledged broke at the moment.



Honestly, I’m up for just about anything (no porn, no fetishes, nudes are alright if they’re female and tasteful) - art cards, badges, sketches, color stuff, whatever gets me the money I need tonight, basically. Plus, I’d rather work for my money than have to borrow it from someone (not that I couldn’t pay someone back, but, y’know).

So, interested? Leave me a comment or a note or whatever. :V

Spreading this around, hoping I can pick up a few commissions to round this bit of money up because I’m a stupidhead. Signal boosting is much appreciated!! <3<3

Also, you can see my commission prices on my FA account under the ‘Commissions’ tab, or via the link at the top of the journal~


3x6 sized conbadges on either white Bristol board or manila-colored tags. Colored with traditional materials - Prismacolor markers and colored pencils. Delivered at Anthrocon or shipped free of charge if you’re not attending.


Simple head or bust shot sketches done with a drawing tablet. Great for icons or little portraits. 


Flat colored digital commissions, sketched and inked traditionally. Commissioner gives artistic freedom in exchange for a cheaper price than what these commissions usually run. 


— Payment: Paypal (obliviousally[at]yahoo.com) only, please.

— Shipping: Included. Please remember to add your address with your payment.

— I am willing to negotiate prices on the Wing It Commissions, if you’d like something smaller or something larger. Just contact me.

— More commission prices can be found here: http://www.furaffinity.net/commissions/obliviousally/


— via my ask box @ obliviousally

— via FurAffinity @ obliviousally

— via e-mail @ obliviousally[at]gmail.com


Hey! I’m taking $5 digital sketches today cause I feel like doodling. Check out my FA journal for more information and examples: 

wing it commissions + help a bro out

Firstly, dropping in this fine link to my buddy squeeji’s badge commission journal:


Secondly, I’m going to test the waters and take some Wing It commissions. Basically, $30 gets you a traditionally inked full body illustration with basic flat colors thrown on it digitally. $30 is the inbetween price of my inks and my flat color digital prices, basically. The only catch is: you’re giving me artistic freedom (which means it won’t feel as much like work!) on the piece and I won’t be uploading rough/sketch previews (I’ll keep things up to date here, though).


How to get one? Message me here with the following:
— References for up to three characters - I will only be choosing one, however.
— Any keywords or tidbits about your character. Personality, things they like, etc.

— Price: One character is $30. Two characters in one image for $50
— Payment: Paypal only, please.
— Shipping: Included. Please remember to add your address with your payment.


Is $30 a little steep for you? I’m always taking art card commissions! 
Same payment and shipping details as above apply.
— Sketch: $10 | http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5390385/
— Inks: $15 | http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8511576/
— Color: $20 | http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8520876/