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Just some sketches after watching a video on foreshortening. However, some of these just turned in to lady torsos. Go figure.

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Wess, Sitara will bite you. Your shenanigans are humorless… unless she’s hopped up on eggnog. Then you might get lucky in a closet or some poor person’s bedroom.

Yeah, but Wess would probably like that.

(which part? all of them.)

(via Freebie - Obliviousally by Motiif — Fur Affinity [dot] net)

Ooooooh geeze. This beautiful piece was done by Motiif on FA and GOOD LORD LOOK AT HOW AWESOME ALLY LOOKS IT’S GREAT.

A cute demon girl who is going to be Magdalena/Lilith’s personal assistant. I haven’t figured out what anthro species to have her meatsuit be yet, but this is her generic demon form. Little cloven-esque feet and hands, little demon tail, and four horns - two of which are blunt and usually hidden by her hair. She has goat-style pupils, of course.

I don’t know if her hair is going to stay all black or what, still iffy there. I’m also going to give her a little tattoo, probably an arrow, maybe some kind of blackwork as well, I dunno.

I’m waffling between Rosemary or Chloé.  

Some more character designs for sale!

Let’s be honest, I just wanted to draw Wesson in a moose sweater.


So, due to some major RL stuff I’m selling off my fursuit. Info C&P because I’m both lazy and sad.

Hey guys! Since FA isn’t back up yet, I figured I’d pot this here and see if there’s any interest. We’re trying to sell Tony’s oviraptor fullsuit. It’s in great condition, has had one previous owner (the maker), and was built by Komickrazi Studios/Temperance@DeviantArt. The only blemishes are that the toe claws were removed and the feet are a little dusty from normal wear. The suit also has removable padding for the legs and the tail (to make it cute and bouncy). 

We’re looking to get about $500 for it, but we may be willing to haggle a little bit~

(My comments) He’s a really fun suit and, while I hate to part with him, RL situations come first! Also (since Ally forgot to mention) he’ll fit anyone who is 160 lbs or under, and up to 5’7” in height. Any more than that and I can’t guarantee you’ll be able to wear him. The jaw is static/non-moving but ventilation was pretty good from what I remember since I haven’t worn him since AC2011, I think? Also the hands no longer have claws either.

EDIT: Shipping in the US will probably be around $50 (with delivery confirmation and tracking because otherwise I can’t guarantee it’ll show up); S&H anywhere else in the world will probably be a pretty penny more.

I’m selling some character designs! Go check them out!

k-i-z-m-i-t-deactivated20140616: You beat yourself up so much about your art in your comments, why!? Your artwork is stunning and beautiful and, and, I don't know, it just makes me sad that you don't ever seem happy or to like it. ;-;



Aaa, no, no! I can be a little hard on myself, but it’s pretty much good-natured personal critique! I know where the majority of my drawing faults lie and I know the things I need to improve on and when I step out of my comfort zone, sometimes I have to keep reminding myself that some aspects that look ‘wrong’ to me aren’t really.

I can get away with a lot when I’m drawing furries, so I don’t generally have much to say when I post that stuff. But when I’m doing stuff out of my comfort zone (humans, that horrible kaiju-humanoid character i’ve been plugging away at), I’m a little harder on myself because it is new territory. But telling myself WHY things look strange to me (because despite knowing the mistakes i’m making, it’s hard to actually make those mistakes look correct) helps me focus on things I should practice more.

I do really love my artwork, even when it’s not perfect! So the personal critique is just a driving force behind making me love my work more, basically!

You know, I am so relieved to read this! I was seriously thinking you were hating on everything you did. That’s be really tragic and make me feel so sad, so I’m really encouraged to read this, I really am!

Thank you for answering as well, cause I wrote that out on an encouragement limb and felt a bit of a derp afterward, being a random stranger and all!

Naaah, it’s cool. I can totally understand where the concern/curiosity came from, though. It can be hard to see folks being down on themselves about something they enjoy doing..

I’m just mostly thankful that I always ended up wanting to know more about how artists better than me (because there will always be artists who are better than you) did thing, how they colored, how they put bodies together, their trick to drawing expressions or shoes or any little thing. I wanted to learn from them instead of being discouraged by them because I know everyone starts out putting things that suck down on paper and if they could get to where they are, I could definitely do it as well.


I’m mostly just too lazy at the moment to go find the DeviantART meme template and do it that way so this is what you get for now. I’m pretty happy with how much I’ve improved this year. I got my new tablet in April, for my birthday, then I stopped taking commissions (and letting them hang over my head and give me wicked anxiety) in September. Once I did that, I felt a lot free-er with drawing and doing stuff just for the fun of it, something I always silently scolded myself about when I had a commission queue.

I also really love that vampire Phe pic like wow.