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I really like the way the hair turned out, but the body…not so much. It looks like I copped out with some dodge and burn airbrush shit and it displeases me.

I dunno, trying new stuff is always trial and error.

Just forcing out some doodles, not aiming for anything in particular. That middle one of Ally will probably get something more done with it. The others might end up rotting away in my folder.


here’s a thing i drew 

Just a Gwen. I want to color this really obnoxiously 80’s styled.

vakarianprime: hey yo I see you wanna draw and i'm always up for giving a fellow kent.. person practice :3 i think your style is great by the way don't underestimate your skillllll.. um um um maybe some spidey/deadpool or marceline/bubblegum cuteness?



[ in case tumblr resizes it ]

Can you believe I still haven’t watched Adventure Time? Either way, an excuse to draw cute ladies is one I’m always up for. I forgot Bubblegum’s crown and Marceline’s one leg was supposed to be in front of Bubblegum, but I inked them separately and totally forgot about it. I also meant to add more detail to Bubblegum’s dress, but I am a butt. I tried to kind of meet midway between the show’s style and my own here.

metricaprovince: Hi! I saw your offer of doodles and I wondered if you might draw a character of mine? My awful attempts at drawing him are here: (furaffinity)/gallery/beckettcasey/ (Ignore the colored drawing, that's not him)


[ in case tumblr resizes it ]

GOSH I HOPE I GOT HIS COLORS RIGHT. I went off the description on your FA journal, so if they’re not quite right, I apologize! I also think I now remember something about stripes on his face?? I’M SO BAD AT THIS SOMETIMES. 

froth: aah my KC or Jo or Snowday maybe would look cool in your style? They're all on my FA somewhere, I know. or or OR if you're feeling humany, any of my brats from my NaNo *___*


[ in case tumblr resizes it ]

EVENTUALLY I’LL HAVE DRAWN ALL YOUR ANTHRO CHARACTERS and it will be great. Jo is adorable and freckle-y and cute and seemingly floating in mid-air like many of my drawing subjects tend to be.

free doodles~


hey kids so i feel like doing some doodles TONIGHT (it’s, like, 11AM where i am right now and i’m about to head off to work soon, so i’ll do these in the evening when i come home). i primarily draw dumb anthro stuff (and humans too, i can always use more practice there), but if you dump something in my askbox, i’ll make an attempt!

i can’t promise i’ll draw everything, though! so please don’t get upset if you request something that might be out of my skill range and i have to pass it over. i’ll make a valiant attempt at anything that is asked, though!

please no porn, of course. i’ll draw licensed characters (anime, disney, whatever), but i can’t promise a decent likeness. :V

Courtney in some lingerie~

Half colored, I don’t know if I’m going to do more with this or not. Who knows.