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Gonna (hopefully) be something of Samantha in a bus station. Maybe. I swear to god I understand perspective, those are just rough lines for what I might want to do with the background.

Also, slkdhflkgh background what am I doing to myself.

I kind of feel like I should shade her? I don’t know. I kind of lost track of what I planned on doing with this piece and sort of fumbled my way around with it. Maybe I’ll go back in and shade her. I dunno.

I also debated making the typography really clean and pretty, but at the same time, I do really like the scratchy and messy look it has now (which is why the frame has it, as well). Alternately, maybe it seems too cluttered? 

Shoes will vex me until the end of my days.

Aaaaand gotta pack up at work and head home~

Doodlin’. Something of Ally leaping through the air. Maybe autumn-themed? Maybe.

And done! i didn’t go back and add her scar because I’m lazy, but I like how it turned out regardless!

Flats. I still have to add her scar and such, maybe tweak some things I’m seeing now that are iffy.

Progress? I reff’d the shit out of those hands, you don’t even know.

Maybe a second Halloween pic? I dunno. Phe, who’s not a full vampire, but she’s good at pretending she is anyhow.