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another natasha. i just like drawing her hair, let’s be honest here

and a natasha for good measure

here’s an okay bucky sketch i did over a stock photo. the arm with the gun is weird and would probably look better if i could shade properly, but whatevs :V



People don’t always know the right way to talk to artists … so I made a guide. There’s a lot more I could have added, but these are the basics.

Some artists will draw your OC for free, but make sure that they are okay with doing that before asking. Otherwise, you’re being rude.

Seriously, don’t put yourself down to compliment others. That just puts them in an awkward position and stunts the goodness of yourself as well.

Trying to figure out how many pieces I want to take for the Anthrocon art show is frustrating. I have rough ideas of what I want to do with stuff (most of it’s going to be prints, admittedly, but i’m going to try to do something unique with them so it’s not just plain ol’ prints). 

Here’s a dumb Clarence and Regan.

A cute Poe.

Loosely inked selfies.

Dumb character selfies from real people selfies pulled from google images.

doodle sketched over a quick snapshot of me drinking some starbucks 

(yes i utilize the computer camera for art. why wouldn’t you??)